Enterprise culture is initiated, accumulated, selected refined and in the long-term production operations, through the filter refined into by a business, and is the soul and the potential productivity, is the strategic initiatives to build the core competitiveness.
  Se China was founded, with the rapid development of the oil industry, the oil corporate culture has also made fruitful results. The company formed a rich accumulation of corporate culture, nurturing with "the spirit of Da Qing," "Iron Man Spirit" as the representatives of the excellent corporate culture, inspired generations of oil were hard work, dedication, and had a great the impact in the community. as an important part of the fine Chinese culture, it effectively promotes the development of China's oil industry. Se the reorganization and restructuring, the group vigorously strengthened the building of enterprise culture work, and strived to build an internationally competitive multinational group to provide a strong culture of support.
  In the future developing, the company will continue to develop the cultural strategy as an important strategy to constantly enrich and improve the corporate culture with the characteristics oil, making excellent oil culture become an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development.

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